"Don't think you're on the right road just because it's a well-beaten path." Unknown

     This blog is one of encouragement, and ideas that will hopefully inspire you to create and live the life that you were meant to have.  It consists of a collection of stories and thoughts from everyday life that represents a journey to self.
    I am so pleased that you stopped by, and I am looking forward to seeing your presence often. My name is Lori Hayes. Like most of us, I have traveled a rather tumultuous path, seeking that which would give meaning to my life.  I lived for everyone else, always changing to please others and to be accepted.  I feared rejection, but most of all, I feared being alone.  This was my life.....until I found the exit.
    I am celebrating my journey, here in this space.  I hope that my words can be the hand that lifts you up, or at least, the hand at your back lending support as you find the courage to be all that your were born to be.  Living your truth and an authentic life is the only path of true joy and a fulfillment.

Random fact about me:  
I love photography and beautiful photographs. I believe in a Greater Power and am working on how that affects me personally. I would be a hippie if we were in the 60's.  I am creative. People say I am funny.  I want some chickens.  I love DQ's ice-cream cones. I love adventures of any kind.  I believe God can be found out in nature. I am crazy afraid to be put into an MRI machine.  I love to be surrounded by beauty….flower gardens, fine decor, my snow white BMW, my amazing labradoodle Ivy, culture, and nature. I hate taking pills but take handfuls a day. I am madly, head over heels in love with my husband.   

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